Prenatal Breastfeeding Supplies
Set yourself up for breastfeeding success in 10 minutes or less.
This guide & checklist is PERFECT for you if...
You are creating your baby registry
Learn exactly what you need and what you don't so that you cut through the overwhelm of baby registry creation. 
You are having your first baby
Understand what the postpartum experience REALLY is so that you can ease into it with confidence and clarity.
You are having baby #2, 3 or more
Use this to-the-point checklist to sort through what you already have, what you need to pick up (and what you can ditch!) before the arrival of your next little one.
You are thinking about breastfeeding, or not!
This guide & cheat sheet goes through the reality of the changes your body will go through, and what your baby truly needs in the early days and weeks postpartum - whether you confident you are going to breastfeed, or still considering it.  

Wondering if this is really going to help?
(I get it!)
Hey! My name is Jenna. I'm a lactation counsellor & parenting coach, but, (if that picture hasn't already alerted you)... I'm also a mom just like you!

I have breastfed through low supply, over-supply, after birth trauma and a c-section.  

I've also supported moms like you for years in my local area and virtually around the world.  

I bring together the technical knowledge of breastfeeding physiology and attachment theory with the practical experience of being in the trenches of real "mom-life" to bring you support you can trust in ways that work in the real world.

Start your mom-journey off with confidence and support. 

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