Curriculum-based group coaching program create the extended breastfeeding, tandem feeding & weaning relationship you and your toddler both deserve.
Want breastfeeding your 1-5 year old to stop feeling like you are being held hostage at knife point?
(...tiny little fingernail knives...)
Simple: meet the need behind the behavior
But... are burnt out, tired of the mental tug-of-war between all of the "shoulds" in your mind (and the unsolicited advice from family and friends).

You don't even know anyone who has breastfed for this long and your parenting style is different from how you were raised so how are you supposed to suddenly become a mind reader - and all the distractions and redirections in the world don't seem to stop your little one from pulling on your shirt the second you sit down.

Right now, you have reached the point of pure mental and physical exhaustion.
You are hungry for space and separation, but even thinking this fills you with guilt.
And if you are honest (like really honest), you kind of regret breastfeeding this long in the first place.
It really seems like parenting in general would just be easier without breastfeeding, right?
And let's not get started on the chorus of friends and fam who have a lot to say about "why" you are still nursing.
I so get it, mama.
I have been right where you are.
Does this sound familiar?
When you latch your kiddo you find yourself thinking: "oh, I need to stop doing this. Like, this is killing me. I want my body back after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding..."
(Cause you know, you're getting feet in the face, pinched, pulled at and prodded without your consent.)
But then at the same time, you're not interested in doing a top-down ("you must stop") or cold turkey approach...

AND your kiddo is very assertive about their desire to breastfeed... they have a tantrum until the breast appears, so you often just give in, cause you're tired and don't want to listen to it.
You feel you have to hide the fact that you're "still" breastfeeding
or be prepared to endure passive aggressive and (generally uneducated) comments from friends, family and strangers.
You don't even know what "normal" is for breastfeeding kids this age because no one else seems to be doing it.
And of these challenges you never saw coming. 
But then again, maybe weaning isn't the answer? 
If you could just stop the gymnurstrics and incessant asking (er, demanding) for breastmilk, maybe deep down you really want to keep going?
However, you've got enough on your plate and the thought that "this won't last forever" seems to be less and less true.
You cannot continue on like this. Something needs to change. Your back pain is increasing, the latch is making your skin crawl and you are both losing sleep...
You are doing all of the things that "good" parents are supposed to do.
But the parenting books don't come with a chapter on toddler breastfeeding.
I know these thoughts are deep in your heart and mind, protected by the walls you have built to keep yourself safe on this breastfeeding journey from those who "don't get it"...

Keep reading mama, because I *DO* get it, and I have more to share.
What if I told you...
Everything you are struggle with makes perfect sense AND there is a way to:
Create a concrete pathway forward in your breastfeeding relationship
(so that you know EXACTLY what to say when your partner asks "what do we do now?")
Feel fulfilled in your parenting
(even if you wean)
Have your body to yourself without tantrums.
Use breastfeeding (and even weaning) to build parenting skills and tools that will serve you for the lifetime of your relationship with your child.
Confidently leave your kiddo with a trusted caregiver without worrying about how they will fall asleep.
Feel seen, heard and understood by a community of other moms who know your struggle.
Set your child up for long term success emotionally, physically and relationally.
Hey! I'm Jenna
I'm a lactation counselor, parent coach and breastfeeding mom of 2.
I've spent the last 6.5 years breastfeeding. (Three of those years breastfeeding 2 kids at the same time!)

But it has not always been easy.

..actually, far from it.

After overcoming newborn breastfeeding difficulties with my oldest (she didn't latch at all for 3 days, tongue and lip tie revisions, reflux, colic etc...) I thought I knew it all.

By the time she was 18 months, I was actively supporting other moms to breastfeed and dreaming about what the future would hold.

And then I got pregnant.

The aversions began, the epic meltdowns when I would say "no" to a breastfeed (that would last for *hours*), not being able to leave her with my husband for even a minute without a tantrum... and the worst part was the internal chaos I felt trying to find my footing and a pathway forward.

But, my passion for learning and creating emotional wellbeing in my home kept me looking for answers.

I homeschool, extended breastfeed, AND work from home without feeling touched out & burnt out.
I have confidence in my parenting skills to navigate whatever challenges come my way.
I have had the incredible pleasure of supporting other extended breastfeeding & weaning mommas to create the breastfeeding relationship they didn't even realize was possible for over 5 years all around the globe.
The best part?!
I have taken everything I've learned about attachment theory, neuroscience, developmental child psychology, and breastfeeding physiology that transformed my parenting and created a simple framework that will support you to do the same (without losing your sanity, or your child's trust).
Own Your Breastfeeding Story
For extended breastfeeding moms who are ready to stop feeling held hostage and finally create a concrete pathway for their child to breastfeed, tandem feed and wean (without epic meltdowns, mom-guilt or resentment) so that they can feel fulfilled while meeting all of their child's needs.
Own Your Breastfeeding Story
For extended breastfeeding moms who are ready to stop feeling held hostage and finally create a concrete pathway for their child to breastfeed, tandem feed and wean (without epic meltdowns, mom-guilt or resentment) so that they can feel fulfilled while meeting all of their child's needs.
Own Your Breastfeeding Story is the ONLY extended breastfeeding course that gets to the ROOT of your struggles, not just offering "gentle behavior modification" or "surrendering" until everything magically gets better.
So, what does that actually look like?
Compassion & Clarity
Developing a compassionate understanding of your child's relationship to breastfeeding AND your relationship to breastfeeding so that you can have clarity for the real needs present.
Curiosity & Creativity
From this new perspective - curiously explore what needs are alive for your child and creatively consider what changes you can make to their environment to take the pressure off.
Connection in the Challenge
Implement those creative changes through connection and work through this new and exciting challenge with your little one.
There are 6 modules to support you as work through each stage:
Module 1: Setting the Stage
  • Compassionately unpack what has led you to this point in your breastfeeding journey.
  • Lean into your "why" for breastfeeding & for making changes.
  • Learn about the reasons why toddlers breastfeed and discover the unconscious "dance" you and your child have been in - and begin to see them with clarity.
Module 2: The Secret Sauce
  • Learn about why your internal world (and your child's internal world) can feel so INTENSE!
  • And begin to create practices that will calm your discomfort and bring you back to the present moment.
  • Begin to discover how your child is reacting to unique things in their environment.
Module #3: Getting Safe Inside
  • Unpack one major trigger in your breastfeeding relationship so that you can deepen your insight and understanding (clarity!)
  • Practice supporting yourself through that trigger using guided meditations and science-backed tools so that you can master working through any hard moments that pop up - and create your breastfeeding plan with confidence.
Module #4: Your Boundaries
  • Learn a NEW way of thinking about boundaries so that you can stop the power struggles with your kid and deepen your connection.
  • Learn a practical tool to curiously discover what boundaries are aligned with YOUR values so that you can stop worrying about having the "right" ones.
  • Re-define "consistency" so you can ditch boundary-burn out.
Module #5: THEIR needs
  • Deep dive your toddler's physical and emotional needs and create a needs cheat sheet so that you can meet them on the fly (with or without breastfeeding).
  • Track your child's behaviour and activities with a simple template so that you can have a clear idea of where you can make changes effectively.
Module #6: Writing Your Story
  • Create your own custom timeline breaking down the changes into phases.
  • Map out the supports you will need during each phase.
  • Create custom tools to help you implement the changes with your child.
  • Preemptively create contingency plans, so that you know exactly what to do if something unexpected occurs.
  • Working backwards from your ideal "day" (or night) , work out a pathway that gets you there so that you have a clear direction in mind
  • Expand your toolkit and build the supports you will need to keep you feeling centered during the shifts.
  • Debrief after each shift so that you can gain deeper insight and tweak your pathway as needed.
  • Create a "prep" plan to get your kiddo (and yourself) ready for the changes to come.
  • Deep dive into your values, concerns and unique family dynamics that will shape your tandem feeding journey so that you can begin to pull into focus what the future will look like.
  • Create a "Feeding Cheat Sheet" of tools and supports for when the baby comes so that you have the information you need at your fingertips and can navigate your postpartum journey with ease.
Also included:
Everything you will need to create the relationship of your dreams while saving loads of time & energy:
Writer's Diaries:
Reflection journals (with prompts) for each module to record your insights and process your thoughts - which you will draw from to write your story in module 6.
Guided Meditations:
Recrodings to support you in strengthening your ability to connect to your intuition and more easily read the signals that your body, and your child are giving you.
Plug & Play Templates and Cheat Sheets:
Easy-to-use printables for each adventure option so that you can create your unique story without staring at an empty page. 
Private Student Community:
An online community of moms just like you (did you know you weren't the only one?!).  Make friends and connections that will support you along your journey. 
The Best Part?!
You will have experienced support every step of the way.
  • TWO Group Coaching Call Times every week - where you can ask ALL of your questions, get support for blind-sports and glean from others' stories.
I've thrown in even more...
Pay in Full Bonus: Take It Off the Mental Load 2 Week Meal Planner & Recipe Guide - perfect for supporting you through this transition time. Make sure your little one (and YOU) have the nutrition you need without having to think about what to cook. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks planned for you using a system I have used with my family for years based on evidence-based family feeding philosophies.
The Gentle Mama Tool-kit: Over a dozen gentle parenting "tools" created as a mini course. Each tool has it's own "quick reference" guide and a short video explanation with examples. Perfect for expanding your tool box as you move away from breastfeeding as your number one tool.
The Secrets of the 1-5 year old Brain Masterclass: Learn the 3 Secrets of the Toddler brain in this on-demand masterclass so that you can stop wondering "what is going on in there" and start skillfully leaning into the secrets to support your breastfeeding journey.
"Own Your Fertility" Masterclass with Holly Leever: 30 minutes to understanding your body so that your needs are made clear and the path to getting pregnant (or not!) while breastfeeding is no longer a mystery, but a clear path in front of you.
Breastfeeding Resource Vault: Access to the archives of my very best breastfeeding resources & classes to support you through the physical challenges you may experience while breastfeeding. Ideal for those currently tandem feeding with a newborn - or hoping to do so in the future! 
I created this course because... I shared my story, more and more moms opened up to me about their extended breastfeeding, tandem feeding, and toddler weaning struggles, some even begging me to offer a special service to support moms in their shoes.
I tried this offering in a one-to-one setting over a couple of sessions, but the work to really see change takes time, and a few sessions just wasn't enough.
But in order to offer them enough time to see the changes, the cost of the packages were over $1500 and that just wasn't an option for so many moms who came to me.
Also, the one-to-one didn't provide the community support OR as much room for all of the education needed to support these amazing moms to write their own story with confidence.
I knew I needed a more affordable option, with a different delivery system.
Sound too good to be true? 
Here are some stories from previous students...
"I love the fact that it helped me build a strong bond with my daughter way beyond breastfeeding." 
"I was struggling breastfeeding my 2yo daughter who was a booby monster. She was breastfeeding almost the whole night and several times during the day and I was exhausted. I tried to wean her for several months following different advices found in books and over the internet with no success. I was convinced about my decision to wean her but feeling guilty and stuck, worrying too much about what others were thinking or saying.

It has been 2 weeks since I stopped breastfeeding my daughter. I created and followed a weaning plan that was unique for us. I was surprised to see how well my daughter understood what was happening and expressed her emotions to me. We both went through this journey together and we have never been closer.

I loved the fact that it helped me build a strong bond with my daughter way beyond breastfeeding. Once I understood that the change must come from me first everything made so much sense. I stopped feeling guilty all the time and learned to exercise empathy and compassion. My husband and I learned how to communicate with our daughter and that was a game-changer for our family."
Full Weaning Adventure
"After the very first module I had huge breakthroughs" 
"Before I started Own Your Breastfeeding Story my 17 month old was waking multiple times a night to feed and every one in the house was exhausted. I was feeling frustrated. I didn't want to wean, but I also didn't want to keep going on with the way things were going.

After the very first module had a huge breakthroughs and I felt like Jenna gave words to things I knew to be true inside, but didn't know how to express. From just the first couple of modules, my daughter already started sleeping through the night without me having to implement any big changes.

The coaching calls were so good too. Jenna is kind and I felt so safe to open in ways I didn't realize I needed too. Not only did my breastfeeding relationship (and sleep!) improve dramatically, but what I learned had big impact in so many other areas of my life too."

-Arica K
Intentional Changes Adventure
Maybe you're thinking... "but is this the right fit for *me*?"
Do you relate to any of these? 
My child has a diagnosis:
This course is not a how-to guide, it gets to the root, core needs and desires that all humans have. It is able to be used with ALL breastfeeding children age 1 or older, regardless of neutotype, diagnosis or disability.
My child is breastfeeding a million times a day:
The toddler that nurses "like a newborn" - I know it well. Whether you KNOW you are ready to be completely done, or you are in that "something needs to change!" mode, Own Your Breastfeeding Story will support you to clearly understand and define the end results you *truly* want AND create a pathway to get there where you and your child thrive both physically and emotionally, regardless of how frequently or infrequently your child is currently breastfeeding.
I’m so busy:
I hear you, sweet mama. Adding *another* thing on your to-do list right now feels like it just might tip you over the edge into complete chaos. This course is created to help you lighten your mental load, and make effective, lasting changes FAST. Each week only has about 30 minutes of video content and the writer's diary should take you between 15 and 30 minutes each week.

Everything is tailored so even the busiest momma can use this course to create peace in her home and heart.
I’m pregnant and breastfeeding, but I don’t think I want to wean:
Congrats mama! This course is the perfect place to create a solid foundation for the future of your breastfeeding and parenting journey AND map out a practical, concrete plan for how to navigate the big change in your family that is quickly approaching. Own Your Breastfeeding Story will help you leverage the BEST parts of tandem feeding to mitigate sibling rivalry, engorgement after you milk comes in, supply regulation and more. It will also give you all the tools you need to create a support system for your upcoming transition to a family of 2 (or more), aligned with your values and unique family dynamics so that you can thrive in your postpartum journey.
I’m only breastfeeding once a day:
Amazing! The course is NOT a how-to-wean course. It gets to the root of the struggles and chaos you are having. I know that even that one feed can feel intense and weigh on your mental shoulders, coloring your relationship with your child and adding strain on your emotional and physical well-being.
The content and action steps in this course will support you to continue to have that one feed in a way that feels good to you AND your child, OR to eliminate that one feed in a way that feels good to you AND your child.
I practice attachment, conscious, positive, (etc.) parenting :
This course has not been created to intentionally align with any particular parenting philosophy, and it may challenge you to question your beliefs at times to see why you truly believe what you do.
However, it is designed to support you as a parent to deeply connect with your own intuition, values and inner wisdom so parents of all different backgrounds can feel at ease knowing that you will never be asked to do anything that is not in full alignment with your own parenting philosophy and values.
Got an FAQ?👇
How long will the course take?
The modules are delivered weekly over 6 weeks and then you move into implementation, which typically takes 2-4 weeks. The fastest you can move through it is 8 weeks.
But, I encourage you to go at a pace that works for you and your family!
I'm in a remote/different part of the world, will this work for me?
Absolutely. You can pre-submit questions for the coaching calls if the times are not convenient for you, and they will all be recorded so you can watch them at a time that works for you. All of the rest of the course content is pre-recorded and available to be watched at your convenience.
Why is this course 8 weeks long? Can't I make changes faster than that?
This course does not simply give you a "how-to" guide, it is a parenting course for moms of breastfeeding 1-5 year olds to repair and build the most essential elements of their parenting relationship so that the changes made are effective for the long term and the results produced are the right ones for your individual family. That type of deep work takes time. Even though the lessons and action steps are short, it's the slowed-down nature of the course that actually allows for the fastest, deepest transformation to occur.
How long will I have access for?
You will have access to the course content, community chat, and weekly group coaching calls for 4 months.
Own Your Breastfeeding Story
How much longer can you continue on exhausted, anxious, conflicted and constantly feeling like you have to justify yourself to others - but deep down wondering if your words are really true?
Stop hoping that "this too shall pass" and own your breastfeeding story NOW.
Let me guess... are considering if this is the right course for you and you are still on the fence. (You wouldn't have made it to the bottom of this page otherwise.)
I'm going to offer you a little something special that only those who make it this far will receive.
Take a moment right now, mama.

Place one hand on your heart, and the other on your belly.

Inhale a big, deep breath in through your nose, feel your hand rise with your belly and the cool air coming in through your nostrils.

Exhale out nice and slow and feel your belly fall.

Consider right now what level your emotional pain is. How badly does your heart hurt when you think about the future of your breastfeeding relationship with your kiddo?

Out of 10, what would you say it is?

How long can you keep on with that pain inside of you? How is that stress weighing on and straining your relationship everyday?

Even if you eliminated breastfeeding completely right now, would the feelings of inadequacy and worry disappear too? Or would they just find a new place to pop up?

Notice your breath again, mama.

Deeeeeep breath in.... and a nice sloooow breath out.

Imagine having confidence and trust in yourself in every parenting moment that popped up.
Imagine being able to actually *BE* in the moment when you are playing with your child and when you are enjoying some time to yourself.
What would that kind of empowerment and freedom give you?
Don't wait to find that empowerment and freedom.
You and your family can start the journey to owning your breastfeeding story right now.