More Than No
Easy to digest Boundaries
Mini-Course & Cheat Sheet Bundle
Transition into toddlerhood with ease while you navigate new behaviours, abilities and growing independence without hurting your bond, or losing your sanity. 
Bust the "no" broken record and keep little fingers out of the dog bowl (and from twiddling your nipples) while starting off your parenting on the best track possible.
Does this sound familiar?
You are completely obsessed with your sweet little one.
Watching their little personality blossom in front of you and hearing their first words feels like your heart might physically explode. 


Your sweet little baby is changing into a toddler before your eyes and behaviours are becoming more and more challenging.

Your hair is being pulled, the dog is being hand-fed from the table and you swear your child's skill to remove baby-proofing is super-human.

You know limits and boundaries are healthy for kids, but you feel like there has to be a better way than saying "no" 24/7 and you find yourself sounding like a broken record.  

Feeling touched out and exhausted is nothing new, but the irritation you sometimes you feel with your baby is new, and that's not how you imagined motherhood would be.

How do you keep them safe, yourself sane and your relationship intact?

What will happen if you over-use "no" now and it's meaningless by the time you hit the "terrible-twos"? 

They are only getting more and more mobile and fiesty - will you be to keep them safe when it really counts?

Don't worry, though, mama.  

Your child might not have come with a handbook, but the transition to toddlerhood doesn't need to be a suspense thriller...
What if I told you that you could keep your little one safe,
support their healthy development AND sustain a deep
bond for life without feeling like you are losing your mind?
Introducing More than No...
Here's what's waiting inside: 
  • How to navigate challenging, repetitive behaviors without using "no."
  • How to develop the right parenting tools *before* you get to the "terrible twos."
  • How to expand your parenting toolbox to set you up for a lifetime of parenting success.
  • Everything comes in 3 instant access video modules and 2 printable handouts so that you can learn on the go & remind yourself on the go too!
Hey!  I'm Jenna

I've been breastfeeding my own 2 kids for the last 5.5 years (3 of which I've tandem fed!). 

I've spent the last 5 years supporting moms along the journey of early motherhood - with a special place in my heart for those breastfeeding older babies & toddlers.

I'm the founder of Own Your Parenting Story, a certified lactation counselor and a certified Purejoy Parenting coach.  I host the "Start to Stop Toddler Breastfeeding" podcast and love guest podcasting on podcasts such as The Pumped Up Parenting Podcast, Women & ADHD and speaking at this past Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood Summit!

I'm so excited for you to dig into all the value I have jam-packed into More than No and see how it creates real change in your heart and in your home. 

You are an incredible mom. 

You are the ONLY one who knows what is best for your kiddos.  

All you need are the right tools and support to tap into all of your wisdom and create the peaceful, joy-filled home and parenting relationship you have always dreamed of. 

See you on the inside, mama!