The Essential Roadmap to 
Toddler Wean, 
Tandem Feed & 
Extended Breastfeed
WITHOUT being a human fidget toy, or pushing your kiddo away.
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Learn the unconventional path to toddler breastfeeding & weaning without resentment, mom-guilt or feeling like your body isn't your own. 
Here's what's waiting inside: 
  • How to get to the ROOT of your breastfeeding and weaning challenges.
  • How to create a concrete pathway forward where you and your children ALL feel fulfilled, free and loved.
  • How to expand your parenting toolbox to set you up for a lifetime of parenting success.
  • Why everything you've been told to do until now has made things WORSE instead of better.  ( And why it's not too late.) 
Hey!  I'm Jenna

I've been breastfeeding my own 2 kids for the last 6 years (almost 4 of which I've tandem fed!). 

I've spent the last 5 years supporting breastfeeding moms at every point in their breastfeeding journey - but I've always had a special place in my heart for the moms breastfeeding toddlers.

I'm the founder of Own Your Parenting Story, lactation counselor and certified Purejoy Parenting coach.  I host the podcast Start to Stop Toddler Breastfeeding and love guest podcasting on podcasts such as The Pumped Up Parenting Podcast, Women & ADHD and speaking at this past Breastfeeding Beyond Babyhood Summit!

I am so excited to get real with you about the challenges we face as "extended breastfeeders" that are often hard to talk about.  

You are an incredible mom. 

You are the ONLY one who knows what is best for your kiddos.  

All you need are the right tools and support to tap into all of your wisdom and create the peaceful, joy-filled home and parenting relationship you have always dreamed of. 

See you on the inside, mama! 

"The workshop was super helpful and has helped prepare me for the next phase of my breastfeeding journey.  Super interesting info and ways to reframe my mind on how to navigate things."
-Sarah L.

"Jenna was able to help me process through everything I was thinking and feeling that I didn't actually even have the words for."
- Robin Mercado